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Eat a dick, Philly.

The birds are beginning to chirp again, the trees are looking to blossom and that wonderful game of baseball is back in full swing. Last year, the biggest name in American sports won their 27th world title, and now it’s looking like they are well on their way to their 28th. That’s right bitches, the Yankees.

One thing that I find funny, is that the whole country hates the Yankees with a passion. It’s like this- you are either a Yankee fan or you hate the Yankees more than anything. That’s fine with me, but you should find other things to hate on… like the Phillies.

The Yankees have helped make baseball go from its 2 billion a year business to its current almost 7 billion dollars in revenue. In that time, the Yankees have made themselves one of the most recognizable logos in the world and have turned themselves into a multi-billion dollar empire.

When the Yankees hit the road and visit other teams, the huge turnout by displaced Yankee fans is enormous. It helps tourism in these cities and helps with attendance in these ball parks. It’s always a site to see when there are more Yankee fans in Toronto than Blue Jay fans.

So why all the hate? The Yankees are good for baseball and good for baseball owners. Unless, you are in the top ten of payroll baseball teams, you welcome the Yankees coming to your town because it helps sell tickets and food.

I think the main reason people hate the Yankees is because a good chunk of Yankees fans are overzealous dirtbags. You don’t hate the team because they win, you hate the team because a friend of yours just won’t shut the hell up when they do.

It’s ok Pittsburgh Pirate fans, one day they will end that crappy organization and you can just resort to the Steelers for the entire year.

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