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Hate Off: MTV more like RTV…

by General Nuggz on September 8th, 2009

You know what I wish they had on TV? A channel that showed only music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with limited or no interruption. Wouldn’t that be nice…


Remember the good ole days?

Oh wait, they do have that… or at least, they used to. This weekend MTV will be hosting their annual MTV Video Music awards to honor tha best and most creative music videos over the past year.

I find it funny that any television station that plays over 20 hours a day shows like “Date My Mom”, “Real World,” and “True Life: I Just Wanna be on TV” reruns is able to label itself, “Music Television.” When you don’t play music videos, you stop being an authority. When is MTV going to have an award show for all of the reality shows they have? I want a “Worst Teen Mom,” or “Most Spoiled Sixteen Year Old,” or “Best Lesbian Makeout” award… Now that’s an award show I wouldn’t miss..

If you share the same amount of disgust as we do with the lack of actual MUSIC VIDEO playtime then we want to hear it… As usual…

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