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... as she realizes her life is over.

I’m confused. I don’t even know if I want to like this show or hate it… but I certainly think MTV’s new reality television show, 16 and Pregnant, is nothing short of brilliant. It documents the lives of several pregnant teens and the struggles they must face with being teen moms. Check it out: 16 And Pregnant…

One of the guys in an episode is fighting with his baby’s momma about what a loser he is and how he is doing nothing with his life since quitting his job at McDonalds and he actually says, “I was overqualified for McDonalds.” Uhm, really… is that even… possible?

Normally, I can’t stand the reality TV shows on MTV or any other channel, for that matter. But, this show is a big FAT reality check that most young women should be forced to see. The girls on this show are straight up young ignorant when it comes to reality. I’ll be 30 in April and I’m still terrified of the thought of children. Let alone… trying to do it when you’re still in high school. There is just something about a screaming baby and algebra that would make me want to drown the thing in a shallow bathtub.

I’m not even going to comment any further than to say, “This show deserves an Emmy.” If Intervention and Hoarders can be nominated why not 16 And Pregnant?

You think you’re old enough to have a kid? You think your high school education doesn’t matter? Watch a few episodes of 16 And Pregnant and you might rethink that. Just watch the clip below and then tell me teenage pregnancy is cool: Wait, wait! Make sure you have your princess tiara and your pimple cream ready because this shit below is stressful!

Burnt Toast 1-22-10

by RabidCareBear on January 22nd, 2010

Rockin it at the Jersey Shore. The Little Jersey Shore!


Jersey trash x's 8.

Over the past week a complete abomination aired on that channel that used to show music videos (MTV), The Jersey Shore. The show, which is basically The Real World at the beach, is a collection of quite possibly the worst people in America. I am from New Jersey and am saddened at the fact that this will represent my state for some time to come.

Sigh, now every time I travel and tell people I am from New Jersey, the first question that will creep out of their mouths will be, “Hey, you see that Jersey Shore show on MTV?”

“Jersey Shore furthers the popular TV notion that Italian-Americans are gel-haired, thuggish ignoramuses with fake tans, no manners, no diction, no taste, no education, no sexual discretion, no hairdressers (for sure), no real knowledge of Italian culture, and no ambition beyond expanding steroid-and silicone-enhanced bodies.” That was the New York Times review, and it is spot on. The show has now come under fire because of its portrayal of Italian-Americans. And the show now receiving boycotts, protests, and death threats- is now losing many of its commercial advertisers.

I say good. I’m sick of my state being rendered as a barren wasteland that smells and is full of people like the ones on Jersey Shore. When advertisers pull ads… that is a good thing to me because it means the show will not last. It all comes down to money and when Domino’s Pizza pulls out its money mainly because they don’t want to be associated with disparaging views of Italian-Americans that says something.

Because lets be honest, the Jersey Shore is the worse thing to happen to Italian-Americans since, well… Domino’s Pizza.

Burnt Toast 9-26-09

by RabidCareBear on September 26th, 2009

Taylor Swift gets her revenge on Kanye West with a bad ass rap!


Tool Academy 3 Promo Pic

I can’t believe this prick. For those of you who missed his antics last night on the 2009 MTV VMA’s, Kanye showed his true colors when he interrupted Taylor Swift as she accepted the MoonMan for best female video. I think this should automatically qualify him for the third season of VH1’s Tool Academy where I’m sure he would be a shoe in for first place. Check out the video of the event.

Kanye is known to cause scenes and all but this is just stupid. Why do you have to be hatin’ on Taylor Swift? Just because she has more musical talent than you and doesn’t need a vocoder to help her angelic voice? I can’t begin to explain how big of a douche this guy is and want to hear what you have to say about him. Let’s hear it folks.

Here are the Rules:

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Hate Off: MTV more like RTV…

by General Nuggz on September 8th, 2009

You know what I wish they had on TV? A channel that showed only music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with limited or no interruption. Wouldn’t that be nice…


Remember the good ole days?

Oh wait, they do have that… or at least, they used to. This weekend MTV will be hosting their annual MTV Video Music awards to honor tha best and most creative music videos over the past year.

I find it funny that any television station that plays over 20 hours a day shows like “Date My Mom”, “Real World,” and “True Life: I Just Wanna be on TV” reruns is able to label itself, “Music Television.” When you don’t play music videos, you stop being an authority. When is MTV going to have an award show for all of the reality shows they have? I want a “Worst Teen Mom,” or “Most Spoiled Sixteen Year Old,” or “Best Lesbian Makeout” award… Now that’s an award show I wouldn’t miss..

If you share the same amount of disgust as we do with the lack of actual MUSIC VIDEO playtime then we want to hear it… As usual…

1) One “Hate” per comment

2) 45 words or less per hate

3) Submit as many “Hates” as you want.

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