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Burnt Toast 4-23-10

by RabidCareBear on April 23rd, 2010

LOL! “The kids in this classroom are multiplying faster than my head lice.” Finally, Megan Fox makes a decent movie.

When you think of the best looking women and the top shelf women, Christina Hendricks is not a name that probably is the first to pop into your head.  Hell I bet most of you are saying “who the fuck is Christina Hendricks?”  Get this… she’s a fucking GINGER!  That’s right, a ginger has been voted the best looking woman according to Esquire magazine survey:

18. The best-looking woman in America is:

Props to Esquire for including Zac Efron

You saw correctly… this fire crotch beat out Megan Fox and Jessica Alba to claim victory. I mean she’s aiiiiiight and I would definitely tap that ass given the chance. HOWTHEFUCKEVER, if you lined up Megan Fox and Jessica Alba with this chick, she would be the last on my list to get jiggy with.

I mean come on… am I the only one outraged with this decision? The only thing that is remotely funny about this story is that they included Zac Efron in on the poll and that he actually got votes for best looking woman. Other than that, this poll is a sham and I refuse to accept such a thing. Was this done as a joke? Did the interwebz decide to make a funny and have everyone vote for this random redhead.

Here is a comparison of the three:

Big tits, so what?

Getting better

You have my attention

Now after you have seen all three, is there any way that you would vote Christina Hendricks better looking than either of the two on the right?

Hate on This: 3D Movies

by LessThanWalker on October 5th, 2009

You can ALMOST feel the lesions!!!!

I wonder if given the chance… would Tom Hanks have participated in filming Philadelphia if it were in 3D?? Imagine this… “Watch His T-Cell Count Drop In Beautiful Pristine Crystal Clear Disney Digital Real 3D Technology!!”

Hell, I bet it would be in IMAX too.  I am a huge movie fan.  I don’t know if you have noticed this but the movie studios are forcing you to put on silly glasses for every piece of crap they want to march in front of you!   They are doing this to the point of re-releasing films of the past, Titanic, and Toy Story 1 and 2 to name a few. All of this sh*t is in order to show off their state-of-the-art new movie technology. What we are not noticing is that the one and only reason that Hollywood is doing this crap is to take an extra 5 bucks from you and me in order to recycle the same shit we saw 5 years ago.

Hollywood is hurting during these tough times and to make up for low attendance at the box office they have come up with a very clever plan to rape the remaining people still going to the movies.  Is it an increase in quality? No! Of course not, but will things fly in front of your face for a few hours? You’re damn right!  Currently at the box office is some Meatball movie in 3D and the 4th Final Destination movie. Both of which beg the essential question, “How many different ways can you really kill a person while accomplishing the same feat with different things racing towards the screen?”  You do know, they tried this junk in the 40’s and 50’s with buzzers under the seats and scratch and sniff cards?  Basically all they are saying is it worked once lets make it work again!!

Also, let us not forget, they are getting 14-20 bucks a ticket depending on the price of the theater near you.  Why do you think everything with going to the movies is an experience now?  Experience it in IMAX 3D!!!

Going to the movies should only be an experience when the film is good.


"Hollywood stop assraping us at the movies!!"

Instead, going to movies is an experience when you go to the 12:10 AM show of Transformers 2 and some fertile bitch has decided this is the perfect time to bring the 12 kids to the movies.  The next 2 hrs and 45 minutes should only be unbearable because of Megan Fox’s supposed talent on screen. Instead, it is unbearable because you are seriously thinking about committing murder on 12 intolerable children.  That would be an “experience” if you could kill people in real life and get away with it… sort of like Megan’s shitty acting.

Guess what- as long as 3D films keep making money… studios will keep making them!  Studios will keep making movies in 3D and in IMAX that have no right being made in such a venue! The next Sandra Bullock/random fading actor romantic comedy, or maybe some big foreign movie where the only real advantage of the 3D technology are the subtitles- you feel like you can reach out and grab them!

Please, people, let’s start telling Hollywood we are not a primitive society and do not need to gasp and laugh at pretty flickering images with our mouths open in approval.

By the way, television technology is improving too and they say that HD 3D technology is on the horizon. That way you can look like a total douchebag at home with your cute little 3Dglasses on watching Wheel of Fortune in pristine Real D technology.  At least you can buy a vowel and it literally feels like YOU ARE BUYING THE VOWEL!!!

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