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Justin Bieber Is Gay

Two in the stinker.

I think I am getting too old for this shit and honestly this world sucks. This point has never been so clear until this very moment. From the moment I first listened to the sounds of Justin Bieber, I have to agree with Harry Potter… who like myself, was confused as to the gender of Bieber. I know the kid’s balls haven’t dropped yet but I highly doubt they even exist in the first place.

I will never understand why girls find The Jonas Brothers and Bieber irresistible. They want nothing to do with you. Not because you are a complete nobody from Iowa but mostly because you are a girl.

This douche was discovered on YouTube and unlike the Chocolate Rain retard he actually got a decent record contract. Now this ass pirate is more famous than countless other extremely talented musicians that will never be discovered.

I believe the real story is some kiddie porn addicted record executive was out there trolling around on YouTube looking for something clean to jack it to and stumbled across pretty boy over here… ruined his keyboard and the rest is history.

He’s another flash in the pan- a Corey Haim for the 2010 crowd that will, no doubt, be dead in a few years. Mark my words kids- Bieber will gain weight, start drinking too much and be a complete wreck with just enough time to put a shotgun barrel in his mouth.

I just hope he does it during the Kids Choice Awards. OMG!

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