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When you think of the best looking women and the top shelf women, Christina Hendricks is not a name that probably is the first to pop into your head.  Hell I bet most of you are saying “who the fuck is Christina Hendricks?”  Get this… she’s a fucking GINGER!  That’s right, a ginger has been voted the best looking woman according to Esquire magazine survey:

18. The best-looking woman in America is:

Props to Esquire for including Zac Efron

You saw correctly… this fire crotch beat out Megan Fox and Jessica Alba to claim victory. I mean she’s aiiiiiight and I would definitely tap that ass given the chance. HOWTHEFUCKEVER, if you lined up Megan Fox and Jessica Alba with this chick, she would be the last on my list to get jiggy with.

I mean come on… am I the only one outraged with this decision? The only thing that is remotely funny about this story is that they included Zac Efron in on the poll and that he actually got votes for best looking woman. Other than that, this poll is a sham and I refuse to accept such a thing. Was this done as a joke? Did the interwebz decide to make a funny and have everyone vote for this random redhead.

Here is a comparison of the three:

Big tits, so what?

Getting better

You have my attention

Now after you have seen all three, is there any way that you would vote Christina Hendricks better looking than either of the two on the right?

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