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If you want to be a successful hater you might want to try not being a little irritating bitch first. This little fuck in the video below grates on my nerves like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Check it out:

You know this little shit doesn’t HATE IT when guys wear skinny jeans. He’s more like inspecting that shit and fantasizing about slobbin’ the knob that’s dangling around inside of them. Sorority Row? The question is not, “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” The question is more like- why the fuck are you watching that gay ass shit?

As for the couples sitting on the same side of the table at a restaurant… you know if you had the chance you’d eagerly be jerking off your boyfriend under the table. Well, that is if you could get one with that retarded ass lisp you’re sportin. My issues with this little fudgepacker could go on and on but I guess I really do only have one really important question.

How in the balls did this little bitch’s Youtube video get over 3 MILLION views?!?!?! Don’t you lame-ass people have¬†anything better to do with your spare time other than sitting around watching this pansy bitch and moan about his pet peeves? Well, at least he had the good sense to turn off his comments on this video as to avoid the entire world telling him that he should do himself and his college roommate a favor… and go choke to death on a giant schlong.

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