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If there is one thing I’ve learned about the game of baseball it is that women have no right being on the field. I don’t care if this used to be your playground. Please, get the hell back to your dolls and your dainty tea parties.

Eri Yoshida

I wonder what else this little shit can do with balls.

If you need more proof of this, anytime girls get to throw the first pitch at baseball games, it always turns into a complete joke. I love how you hear the crowd in the video laughing at her.  Hell, Shawn Johnson is a gold medalist and this is the best even she can do. Then I read about Eri Yoshida, the 18-year-old Japanese sidearm knuckleballer, who recently made her US debut.

Now, this is impressive on many levels.

First, unlike the other Japanese pitchers who have come into the league, there is no doubt that this player is a girl. Second, she is a freaking sidearm knuckleballer, which equals being impossible to hit and even harder to hit on successfully. In Japan she is known as the “knuckle princess” which is funny because I thought that honor went to a famous Japanese porn star in the fisting genre.

I really hope this little girl makes it to the pros, signs a huge contract with the Red Sox and has her televised debut against the Yankees. She takes the mound in a relief situation, has runners at the corners and A-Rod is up. She gets an 0-2 count and when she lofts another delicious hanging knuckler over the plate, A-Rod tattoos that son of a bitch right over the green monster.

Good luck Princess!

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