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Hate on This: Target

by LessThanWalker on August 14th, 2010

Target sure has its bull’s eye set on one group of people. Those pesky gays. Target recently donated 150,000 dollars to MN Forward, a pro-business group that also happens to support anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.

Target Gay


Now the retail giant has picket lines full of angry queens. It’s bad enough I hate going to Target on a normal Saturday afternoon, now I have to fight through the cast of Glee just to get my stupid red cart.

Target has already lost a decent amount of money because of the donation and gay rights groups would like to see them suffer more. I personally hope this makes Target make smarter choices in the future… like donating money to gay rights as well as finally making their stores easier to shop in. Why the hell does it take so long to find a sales associate who also does not know where anything is in the store? Good luck finding one that even speaks English.

While I am at it… please get rid of those stupid red balls at the entrance. No one is going to drive a truck bomb into a Target. If anyone were to bomb a retail giant it would have to be Wal-Mart. Speaking of which… Wal-Mart has to be pleased by this Target backlash and now has more gay friends than a Vermont fitness trainer.

I say, “Fuck Target” and all those asswads that call it Tarjay. Hopefully, by the end of this bullshit… Target will be renaming their store to “TarGay’ just to stay relevant in the business world.

In case you haven’t heard about it- the beginnings of Facebook are coming to a theater near you. The film, entitled The Social Network, arrives on October 1st and I hope it’s a huge giant massive-ass flop.

Facebook Sex

There's a lot of people Masturbating...

Remember kids… if this shit makes money then we get the Myspace and Twitter movies to complete the trilogy. Which I’m sure they’ll cast the talented stars from the Twilight films in them… who can’t even memorize more than 160 characters per scene.

What the hell could the plot of this stupid film even be about? The guy who invented Facebook stole the idea from someone else and that guy defriends him? I wonder how long the main character will be able to leave his relationship status as single until his girlfriend makes him change it to “In a Relationship.”

I wonder if there will be a tagged photo of one of the main characters but they are not even in it. The rest of the film is one man’s desperate search though all of his friends’ pictures to see if they were tagged in anything else to ensure that everyone from high school never learns what a fatass he has become? Or maybe it’ll be about stupid Facebooking tweens catching their crushes “stalking” their pages with the help of their ultra cool Facebook tracker! Or maybe they’ll even stumble upon a photo of their mother making out with their Uncle Steve at a drunken party.

Does any of this sound exciting? FUCK NO. I wonder if while the movie is running you can see the notifications in the upper left corner go off and the chat run on the bottom of the screen. I will not see this shitbag movie and I don’t care that David Fincher is the director. His last movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, was such a complete bore it’s no wonder that his following movie is about fucking Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has already made enough money off of selling your personal information to outside sources… don’t make the little bitch even richer. DO NOT SEE THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MOVIE!!

If you want to be a successful hater you might want to try not being a little irritating bitch first. This little fuck in the video below grates on my nerves like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Check it out:

You know this little shit doesn’t HATE IT when guys wear skinny jeans. He’s more like inspecting that shit and fantasizing about slobbin’ the knob that’s dangling around inside of them. Sorority Row? The question is not, “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” The question is more like- why the fuck are you watching that gay ass shit?

As for the couples sitting on the same side of the table at a restaurant… you know if you had the chance you’d eagerly be jerking off your boyfriend under the table. Well, that is if you could get one with that retarded ass lisp you’re sportin. My issues with this little fudgepacker could go on and on but I guess I really do only have one really important question.

How in the balls did this little bitch’s Youtube video get over 3 MILLION views?!?!?! Don’t you lame-ass people have anything better to do with your spare time other than sitting around watching this pansy bitch and moan about his pet peeves? Well, at least he had the good sense to turn off his comments on this video as to avoid the entire world telling him that he should do himself and his college roommate a favor… and go choke to death on a giant schlong.

Is he going to New York? Is he staying in Cleveland? Will Miami be his new home? I’m so over this gay shit with Lebron this and Lebron that. I just want him to break his ankle walking up to the podium for his hour-long press conference.

Lebron James Dick

"Shit nigga, you know I ain't sayin yet..."

One hour to tell people where you are playing next year? How slow do you fucking read, asshat?

The whole world, or more importantly, the few people who still watch basketball will be tuned in to see if James wants to stay in that shithole Cleveland or move his jump shot to another location. I kind of hope he goes to New York but instead of the Knicks he joins the cast of Phantom of the Opera. Imagine what those Nike Muppets would be like on Avenue Q!

Jay-Z wants him to join the Nets and give Lebron his own clothing line, which like his sneakers, will be made by very hard working 9-year-olds. Maybe Lebron will be sensible and take a pay cut… but I think we have a better shot of Lindsay Lohan showing up at a cash bar.

I’m just happy that after tonight, no matter what, all the attention on one athlete will be over. At least until Brett Favre decides to sob all over a microphone again when that pussy announces his retirement for the millionth time.

Where, oh where… will this bastard child go????

Enough is enough. I’m so fucking over 3D. First, every movie is getting the 3D treatment and now the dimension is coming to the world of video games.

3D Video Porn

3D birthing video games? I hope you choke on the placenta.

I actually hope this kills a few kids so it can finally go away. I seriously am contemplating forcing some epileptic retarded youngster into playing one of these 3D games to help my cause. Hopefully, he’ll foam at the mouth so hard that he’ll actually choke on his own tongue.

The first question I have is… what will 3D really do for the gaming experience? I know these Call of Duty maggots are going to want this bullshit in droves so they can finally feel fully submersed into their fake little battle zones. Just pathetic.

You want something cooler, assholes? Get off the couch and go outside. IT’S IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION!!

I’m sorry- no one and I repeat, no one… looks cool in 3D glasses. Put 3D glasses on R Patz and none of you idiots would want anything to do with him. Thankfully, Nintendo nerds have the smarts to realize this and they’re trying to perfect a technology on their handheld DS for 3D… without the glasses. Finally, you can have your 3D experience, in your pocket, wherever you go… as your existence becomes completely useless.

I have a confession boys and girls- I hate everything you like. Katy Perry is a perfect example of this. I. Can. Not. Stand. Her.

She has single-handily made me never want to purchase cherry Chap Stick ever again and now I have had to move on to Blistex. Blistex sucks! If ruining cherry Chap Stick wasn’t enough… she has now ruined whatever legacy Snoop Dog once had.

This California Gurls song is the worst catchy song ever created. I don’t mean this in a good way. I loathe this piece of shit and I hated myself for hearing it when I was watching the MTV movie awards. The song, which is a huge hit, proves my theory that all of you are complete retards. There are more clever words written in a 5-year-old’s birthday card.

I had a small moment of happiness when Perry fell down. Dipshit. It does NOT take talent to jump into a cake or out of one… gee, I wonder why this stripper trash she fell? Most likely, because she has never masterminded this whole “walking” thing. She received 17 stitches and the worst part is… she didn’t have to pay for any medical care.

Please, stop listening to her. She is the reason the housing market crashed, the oil is flowing in the gulf and how Obama got in office.

Stupid people, doing stupid things.Katy-Perry-Nude

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