Haters Be Hatin'

I have a confession boys and girls- I hate everything you like. Katy Perry is a perfect example of this. I. Can. Not. Stand. Her.

She has single-handily made me never want to purchase cherry Chap Stick ever again and now I have had to move on to Blistex. Blistex sucks! If ruining cherry Chap Stick wasn’t enough… she has now ruined whatever legacy Snoop Dog once had.

This California Gurls song is the worst catchy song ever created. I don’t mean this in a good way. I loathe this piece of shit and I hated myself for hearing it when I was watching the MTV movie awards. The song, which is a huge hit, proves my theory that all of you are complete retards. There are more clever words written in a 5-year-old’s birthday card.

I had a small moment of happiness when Perry fell down. Dipshit. It does NOT take talent to jump into a cake or out of one… gee, I wonder why this stripper trash she fell? Most likely, because she has never masterminded this whole “walking” thing. She received 17 stitches and the worst part is… she didn’t have to pay for any medical care.

Please, stop listening to her. She is the reason the housing market crashed, the oil is flowing in the gulf and how Obama got in office.

Stupid people, doing stupid things.Katy-Perry-Nude