Haters Be Hatin'

Enough is enough. I’m so fucking over 3D. First, every movie is getting the 3D treatment and now the dimension is coming to the world of video games.

3D Video Porn

3D birthing video games? I hope you choke on the placenta.

I actually hope this kills a few kids so it can finally go away. I seriously am contemplating forcing some epileptic retarded youngster into playing one of these 3D games to help my cause. Hopefully, he’ll foam at the mouth so hard that he’ll actually choke on his own tongue.

The first question I have is… what will 3D really do for the gaming experience? I know these Call of Duty maggots are going to want this bullshit in droves so they can finally feel fully submersed into their fake little battle zones. Just pathetic.

You want something cooler, assholes? Get off the couch and go outside. IT’S IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION!!

I’m sorry- no one and I repeat, no one… looks cool in 3D glasses. Put 3D glasses on R Patz and none of you idiots would want anything to do with him. Thankfully, Nintendo nerds have the smarts to realize this and they’re trying to perfect a technology on their handheld DS for 3D… without the glasses. Finally, you can have your 3D experience, in your pocket, wherever you go… as your existence becomes completely useless.