Haters Be Hatin'

Justin Bieber Is Gay

Two in the stinker.

I think I am getting too old for this shit and honestly this world sucks. This point has never been so clear until this very moment. From the moment I first listened to the sounds of Justin Bieber, I have to agree with Harry Potter… who like myself, was confused as to the gender of Bieber. I know the kid’s balls haven’t dropped yet but I highly doubt they even exist in the first place.

I will never understand why girls find The Jonas Brothers and Bieber irresistible. They want nothing to do with you. Not because you are a complete nobody from Iowa but mostly because you are a girl.

This douche was discovered on YouTube and unlike the Chocolate Rain retard he actually got a decent record contract. Now this ass pirate is more famous than countless other extremely talented musicians that will never be discovered.

I believe the real story is some kiddie porn addicted record executive was out there trolling around on YouTube looking for something clean to jack it to and stumbled across pretty boy over here… ruined his keyboard and the rest is history.

He’s another flash in the pan- a Corey Haim for the 2010 crowd that will, no doubt, be dead in a few years. Mark my words kids- Bieber will gain weight, start drinking too much and be a complete wreck with just enough time to put a shotgun barrel in his mouth.

I just hope he does it during the Kids Choice Awards. OMG!

Popularity: 2% [?]

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21 Responses to “Hate on This: Justin Bieber… again.”

  1. fuck you

    for all of u who like this fag, i m srry. This lil bitch likes to run his mouth and think he is all bad ass. well guess what all the other pop stars out there now had to work hard at getting where they are. He is just a youtube bitch who got lucky. and as for Maryah Bieber and Nicole Bieber who r defending his bitch ass just stfu. cus to me u are either mentally ill fans or a ralitives who r trying to defend the lil bitch cus he can’t do it himself. so someone shoot him and lets move on. FUCK JUSTIN BIEBER HE IS A LIL PUSSY ASS BITCH.



    @ thank you, is a complete loser who is obveously is VERY ugly cause yu must be very jealous !!!>..


    Keith Wytesko

    I totally agree with you man. He is a lil bitch ass kitty.


  2. justin bieber lover

    what did he do to u kill your mom please tell what he did to u i rrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to know cause if u think he cant sing he can be for sure a male model or an actor find me on youtube : lilkay97 , my background is what i want it to be on youtube ok


  3. El.

    idk, i used to like him, but now i just think he’s okay,
    i mean, i think it’s really cool to be soo luck and to be discovered on youtube and all that .
    and we cant help it if some girls go crazzy on us, and neither can he, he’s just doing what he loves and “living the dream” or whatever..
    soo, you shouldn’t hate on him, just for singing, you should hate on his fans :D


  4. Julian

    It cracks me up the hate on Justin Bieber , When everyone else is so thanking pathetic…
    Justin Bieber Is One of the most talented young kids of today,
    1 Hes Hot.
    2 Hes an amazing Singer
    3 He can play more than 3 instruments
    4 He is an amazing dancer
    5 His haiir if bloody cool
    annd 6 He has Great Swagger.

    People are either jealous or just straight pathetic.



    Julian is a dude’s name..
    So maybe Justin will love you since SHE’s straight after all



    @Julian, I think it shows Bieber is just there, because of his looks. The first thing you wrote was he is hot. Since a lot of tween girls are judging him based on looks. Will he be popular if he was ugly? No, since he cannot sing. How is he better than the greats, like the Beatles or Led Zeppelinn? When Disney and other corporation find a new product, when he ages. He will be forgotten and be nothing, but jokes.



    @Vale, okay so yeah, I also can’t stand J.B but I’m just saying, who ever said he was better than the Beatles or Led Zeppellin? No one. It was completely off topic, just saying.


  5. Edson Moura Ferreira

    Justin Bieber, known in Brazil as “Justin Biba”

    biba = gay, homosexual

    Justin Biba in action and coming out of the closet


    Baby, I am Biba, ooohh.

    Girls, I’m sorry, but I am gay. (written by Justin Bieber)



    @Eduardo Moura Ferretti, Just correcting you (Justin is still a homo) gay in brazil (portuguese) is just gay, not biba. But, justin is still a homo and he thinks he’s “the shit” when anyone 7-10 years old could kick his ass.


  6. Valerie

    Justin is the biggest bundle of sticksi’ve ever seen.
    1. hes not hot
    2. hes not that great of a singer he sounds like a girl
    3.who cares about how many instruments he can play
    4. he sucks at dancing
    5. his hair is flippin ugly
    6. he has no swagger!

    hes gay. enough said!


    Bieber Fever!!!.

    @Valerie, shut the fuk up Valerie whatever u say u r that his hair is not fucken ugly and is fucken hot and thanks for switching all the studff u said around:)



  7. Bieber Fever!!!.

    U should seriously knock that shit off and stop saying things like this about Justin bieber he is hot and awesome u guys r pricks and bastards ILOVEYOUJUSTINBIEBER!!!!!!!!<3


  8. Bieber Fever!!!.

    U guys should seriously knock this shit off Justin bieber is hot and he needs to keep up his good work u guys are just pricks and bastards okkay and thanks for not talking bad about him and I’m going to marry him when I am older and he will love me forever


    to Justin Bieber willl u marry me I love u alot!!!! My friend does to and all of my friends have BIEBER FEVER and I was wondering when your going and if u r ever going to come to Sioux city or Spencer cuz I want to see u in concert and my nieghbors said that she will bring me ilovejbalot!!!!!!!


  9. Tw33nSlaughter

    I agree completely with LessThanWalker. I will start with the least glaring reasons I wish death upon Bieber and build to some more persuasive and obvious reasons he doesn’t deserve one more single word of praise. Firstly like most pop icons hes getting by on his looks. I personally find him to look highly feminine. At least that Robert Pattenson freak and Taylor Lautner look like men instead of some prepubescent tween with a butch haircut and underdeveloped tits. But that aside, at least some one like Taylor swift has genuine talent and CLASS. She deserves her millions of dollars, not just because shes a pretty girl, no, she is some one who can actually PLAY an instrument and write AND sing with great natural talent. Bieber wouldn’t know how to show one shred of class if his worthless little life depended on it. His attitude seems to be derived from one of the dime a dozen mook shit for brains shows churned out by that big endless, mindless commercial known as MTV, shows like jackass. What happened to most of the guys on jackass? Dumbasses who are excessively cocky douchebags who get away with whatever they like with no real purpose or guidance? They’re drug addicts, alcoholics, you name it. Where do you think an arrogant little prick like Justin Bieber will end up with millions of dollars and no regard for others or his own limits? Hmmmm….. damn I can ONLY guess. To show proof of his prick-like,vain, self absorbed bullshit ways (that would probably leave any of you tweens lying naked in a ditch at the side of the road in the middle of the night at a whim) I site his interview with rollingstone where they asked him if he was pro-choice and he said something like “well gosh thats like killing babies and stuff and thats bad” So they rebutted with “What if the girl got raped though?” and he said “Well everything happens for a reason.” Hmmm, I bet some of you sick little tweens probably would WANT him raping you but lets just put it this way. If he thinks that rape happens for any remotely good or acceptable reason, hes already slightly thanked in the head. For my last example though the one quote that sincerely made me wish that like LessThanWalker, I want him to blow his cap back with a shotgun blast is that he compared himself to Kurt Cobain! This is a BIG WTF! Mostly because of what he said “I feel like I am just like Kurt Cobain, no one truly understands me….. ” Really? I mean REALLY!? Oh uh gosh Justin, where did we lose ya, some where between “Bay-bay!” and “Bay-bay!”? Or maybe its that “OOOoooh!” sounds like you busted a tiny drop from those pebble sized balls you got hiding somewhere way up in that little sack of yours. But wait maybe its a moan of depression and agony from the media misrepresenting all your lyrics, misconstruing all your words. Well damn Justin looks like your tortured, misunderstood and deeply artistically raped soul well have to be freed for no one will ever, ever understand you….. But I think I have made it more then crystal clear to all these folks just what kind of little shit you really are.


  10. Stfu:D

    Ok, all the little fan girls can go wait for their first periods while the smart people talk. I dont hate him because he’s “gay”. I hate him because he CANT sing yet he gets so much credit. His dancing is NOT original if you watch his video’s, he doesnt write his own music, he sounds like a little girl, And his hair is some retro shit he brought back from the 1950′s. Those are your legit reasons other than the overused “jealousy” claim u little fan girls throw out ever so often. :P


  11. Stfu!

    Ok, all the little fan girls can go wait for their first periods while the smart people talk. I dont hate him because he’s “gay”. I hate him because he CANT sing yet he gets so much credit. His dancing is NOT original if you watch his video’s, he doesnt write his own music, he sounds like a little girl, And his hair is some retro shit he brought back from the 1950′s. Those are your legit reasons other than the overused “jealousy” claim u little fan girls throw out ever so often.



    @Stfu!, O wow u r mature I’m young a jb fan yet I got my 1 period so I’d shut up already and give the man-bitch a chance
    Btw Thank off already dat is my bro- legal shit and so on


  12. Jacob Wise

    Thank you justin beiber this bitch is so gay and retarded, you would have to take a DNA test of justin beiber to dtermine wheter he`s a boy or a a girl
    I would shoot justin beiber`s mom for giving birth to the biggest buffon on the planet. yeah JB is so gay, he dosen`t have a penis, he has a cooter


  13. Andrei/JB hater

    All u mother fuckas out there that like this gay Pisa shit u should go thank ur own sex(gender) cuz that’s all this bastard teaches u to be gay if ur a guy and a lesbo if your a girl so he doesn’t feel left out!!! Thank u if u like her!!!
    Thank u and good night all u bieber gay fever fans!


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