Haters Be Hatin'

Hey, didja hear Tiger played golf yesterday? I swear, I honestly believe Jesus could come back and receive less coverage than this club swinger got yesterday at The Masters.

Well, if all the hoopla about the man returning to golf wasn’t enough, the big debate was all about a new Nike commercial that premiered on ESPN. I’m sure you have seen or heard about the new ad, but in short, it’s black and white Woods, with his recently deceased father speaking over the shot.

Check it out below:

A slew of people are upset at Woods, saying that he is capitalizing on his dead father now. I don’t really see this as a moment of him capitalizing but simply as a moment where he is baring himself to the world. Yes, he screwed up. Big. Really big. But he still has a billion in his pocket, and you don’t.

Tiger wants everyone to know that he has screwed up so big that he is willing to use his dead father to scold him in an advertisement. This seems pretty damn personal to me. But then again, when you think about it… Tiger Woods’ father was kind of a scumbag too. I guess it might be a little bit of that old saying, “Like father, like son.”

Maybe Nike should have gone with a different voice-over for the commercial.

You know, something less controversial:

Ahh, but then again… what do I know?

Nike. Just Do It!