Haters Be Hatin'

For the first time I can even remember, I am really looking forward to getting tickets to a Broadway Show. No, it’s not the Lion King, which I will only go see if I am allowed to wear a fur coat. The show I am dying to see is actually American Idiot. Yeah, that’s right. The Green Day musical.

Check it out below:

Now, for the record, I have been listening to Green Day for going on twenty years, and I will listen for twenty more if they keep making decent music. Not too many bands have that kind of staying power and most don’t write their best record ten years after their major label debut. Most bands, at this point, have at least had a suicide or a band member accidentally die on them… forever keeping their legacy. The Doors, Nirvana, and Sublime, are perfect examples of this fact.

American Idiot was a surprise to everyone involved. Billy Joe Armstrong and company decided to make a modern day rock opera, reminiscent of the Who’s Tommy, but instead of the balls of pinball getting knocked around, it will be the balls of punk rock swinging all over the St. James Theatre.

Who would have thought he would end up the way he did?

Yes, I know, Green Day is the leanest definition of the words punk rock, but look, punk rock really is about anti-establishment and being a heroin junkie. It didn’t work out for Sid Vicious, so I can’t blame the band for taking a much more reasonable approach.

The musical opens on April 20th, (4/20… haha, get it?) and is already getting decent reviews from very surprised critics. Crazy to think something playing on Broadway that references George Bush, the “faggot” America, and 9/11 is getting somewhat good press at the start. It sure as shit has to do better than The Addams Family train wreck. Will someone please get Nathan Lane in a funny movie again?

Just think of it as Rent for people who listen to music a little bit harder than 525, 600 minutes… or however long that play stuck around for.

Here’s to hoping for my secret wish of Opeth’s Blackwater Park being the next Broadway musical.

I’m all alone on that one… I think.