Haters Be Hatin'

WHat (emphasis on the H) the Fuck, is this shit. I watched this entire video… with my mouth open… went in the other room for about 4.5 minutes… came back and thought, “This is fucking disgusting.” Not ONLY are the 5-8 year old kids doing this, the adults are doing it with the kids. And the one little whore is all about the black kid grabbing her hips whilst she is “dancing.”

Crazy mexican Kids Grinding on each other. – Watch more Funny Videos

I couldn’t really even say anything whilst watching this because as I was seeing these kindergarteners gyrate like this, I was thinking, OMG, I have seen or experienced these exact moves whilst having sex. SPECIFICALLY:

  • 0:20 Little black dude chewing on a mask is giving it to the girl froggy style on the ground.
  • 0:30 Same little black dude, with a handful of ass
  • 1:30 Younger black kid grinding younger 4 year old girl and parents cheering them on
  • 1:44 Spanish mom backin’ that ass up on 5 year old black kid
  • 1:55 2 Black kids tag teaming Mexican girl
  • 2:02 Black girl with back against wall and legs wrapped around black kids waist
  • 2:35 Three girls bent over with hands on the wall and one leg in the air grinding on boys cocks

There is just too much more shit to list. I want to know:

  1. Where in the FUCK were these parties when I was this age.
  2. If I saw any kid of any age even thinking about doing that to my daughter I would fucking destroy the kid. Like physically throw him up against the wall and destroy him.
  3. How is this OK for the parents watching.