Haters Be Hatin'

The perfect gift for your mom's birthday!

The rumors are true ladies- Tiger has got some major wood and now you can experience having it in YOUR hole! Thanks to Pipedream Products you too can now go for a ride on the Tiger Woods 9-Iron in the comfort of your own home.

Yes, that’s right. There is finally a Tiger Woods love doll and as the box says it’s the “#1 Golf Love Doll.”

I actually wonder if Tiger’s wife will purchase the doll just to remember what having sex with him was like. You know what is kind of funny, the doll actually has a better short game than me. I had a sex doll once and I was embarrassed of it, now I have a sex doll that appears on Gatorade bottles, it is so G.

The truth about the sex doll is wether it slices or hooks, hits a trap or winds up in a hazard, it always gets in the hole no matter how many strokes it takes.

Nick Orlandino, COO of Pipedream says:

“We’re following in the footsteps of Larry Flynt and all of the other porn parodies out there, and the Take Home Tiger is no different. Look for more hilarious products from Pipedream in the future.”

"I love to whack it hard out of the rough..."

And if the Tiger Woods blowup doll doesn’t do it for your Tiger sex fantasies they also offer the “Tuggin Tiger” collectable! It comes complete with awesome marketing slogans like “He Takes A Clubbin’ and Keeps on Tuggin” so these babies are guaranteed to disappear faster than his hoe’s panties!

My only problem with this wind up toy is that there is a 9-iron wrapped around his head. I personally would have used a sand wedge. I’d prefer the sand wedge due to the fact that the wedge has a sharper cut and not only really gets under the balls in play but is great for whacking out of the bush.